Success Story

Being over 30 and the wrong side of 16 stone I knew something needed to change. I went the gym but that mainly consisted of a bit of weights and 5min on a treadmill. “Putting on weight and seeing no change for my £50 a month I hit the internet looking for a better solution. I stumbled upon Beat Theory. The website piqued my interest and the fact it was indoors was a huge plus. After a quick chat with Leon I was all booked in for a trial session. That’s all it took for me to be hooked! The brilliance of it is that I don’t need to think, I just need to do! In the gym I’d float from one thing to the next based on what was free and what I found easy.

At Beat Theory every class is thought out and broken down into quick fire manageable segments. With a huge mix of cardio, body weight and weighted exercises. Everything feels manageable and I know I can get through it. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. The team are there to push you to your max but aren’t going to force you to do anything you don’t want to. Other members are great and I haven’t met one person I don’t get along with.

In just under 3 months I am 7kg down (15.5lbs in old money) I’ve never felt more energised and have never been fitter.
If you’re new to fitness and don’t know what to do, or your stuck in a chest, arms & legs gym cycle then give this ago

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