Success Story

“I started going to Beat Theory at the end of February. 5 months in I am 6 kg lighter, fitter and stronger than I have been in years. The aesthetic improvements are clear for all to see, this training works.

However, the most important aspect that doesn’t show on the surface is the positive effect on your health. I am an insulin dependent Type 1 Diabetic. Since joining the gym I have been able to reduce my insulin dosage by over half, and my blood glucose levels have reduced significantly. I feel more motivated in every aspect of life, I am happier and I sleep better at night. If you have been suffering from a long-term illness, or injury, it can be scary to get back into exercise. At Beat Theory there is nothing to fear, Leon will take account of medical requirements and can help amend a workout to suit you. As hard as the first step may be, once you take it, you won’t regret it! Big thanks to Leon and the team for getting me back into the gym!”

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