Success Story – Karen

I honestly never get tired of these! Success stories like this are the reason I opened this gym!!! Thanks Karen, you have been motivational and inspiring not just to me but to those around you. Your determination to try and complete every workout is infectious. Keep up the good work. “Having never exercised, being on the wrong side of 50 plus, overweight with high cholesterol and having just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Beat Theory, arrived in Waltham Abbey, M25 Business at the right time. Time to take stock an sort myself out.

I was given 3 months by the Dr to see if I could get my levels down as I was reluctant, to take Statins medication. Exercise can help an I had no excuse to not find time for the gym as I work in the same building. When Leon opened I went in for a consultation told him my woes, he was full of encouragement, just said give it a go! The concept of the hit classes offer a great variety, with a different twist each day! Keeps you engaged. Leon is a great motivator knows his members capabilities an will often adapt the exercise so you can work at your own level.

Here I am six months later training 4 -5 sessions a week even taken up Boxercise class which I never thought I would enjoy, but amuses Leon at my lack of co-ordination. 😂 Overall I’ve lost 6 inches from my middle plus reached a goal, and now a silver status member. But more importantly have reduced my levels, when I started my sugar count was 8.6 now down to 5.9, cholesterol was 6.7 now 5.4. Still a way to go but thanks to Leon am on the right track.”

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