Success Story – Sally

Sally Paine has worked hard to achieve her transformation. Anything worthwhile takes times to develop. Well done sally for your perseverance.

I joined Beat Theory Fitness for a free trial at the beginning of March this year, just after 1 class with Leon I was hooked and then signed up for a further 10 classes. I found myself not being able to keep away which is why I joined as a member. I started this journey at 72kg which is 11.2 stone and through lots of hard work and support from Leon, I have now gone down to 64kg which is 10.2 stone. I also used to have a 34” waist and I can proudly say is now 29”. I am so much fitter than I used to be; I have a lot more definition in my arms and legs and just want to continue with this journey to be fitter and healthier.

I find myself attending every day, I love Leon’s classes, he is funny and enthusiastic (also Owen). He is hard working and pushes you to go further and achieve new goals. I recommend his classes to everybody I speak to. Out of all the classes I have attended this is far better than any of them.

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